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Alex offers a 15-minute free phone consult. 

Alex has coached hundreds of callers on how to specifically start a small service business, how to market it quickly and how to run the business remotely from anywhere in the world. Some of Alex’s projects have gone viral in which Alex has been featured in front of millions such as on MTV documentaries, NBC, WGN, and Fox.   

Other topics that can be discussed around these business subjects are body language analysis, male and female nature dynamics, and also “red pill” content in regards on how to navigate the modern world that’s in falling apart in western society. Alex has studied these particular topics in great depth over the last 8 years. 

Alex offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the call.

15-minute consultation


1-hour session 


2-hour session 


Casey Mehlenbacher

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Just finished a consult call with Alex, and I am blown away. I have never received so much useful information in a one-hour conversation. There was not a single sentence of fluff or filler. I came out of the call with over three pages of handwritten single-spaced notes. I’m certain the only way he could have provided more value was if I was physically able to take notes faster. I will absolutely be booking another call with him in the future and I would highly recommend him to anyone else looking to make a serious change in their life

Tony Accara

Moving Business Owner

Alex is a walking encyclopedia I swear. His raw knowledge of the world can be overwhelming with all the information he provides on the call. It was hard to keep up with all the valuable content he kept providing. Alex and his consultations probably saved my business and more importantly, my sanity. I was very unhappy in my personal life and work life. I used his advice to get out of a bad rut I was in. Alex is very pragmatic, rational and centered in his calls. I feel as if he’s almost a therapist as well. He was able to create a system for me not only for my business but my personal life as well which helped me getting to my goals. I was close to burning out and having a nervous breakdown, but now I’m thriving! Thanks to Alex for his vast knowledge in these subjects.

Clara Ponce

Gym Owner

Thank you Alex for your time! Your experience & knowledge really helped solidify the ideas you presented around combining my passions and interests to create a stable income. Im looking forward to integrating your key points these next 30-60 days and seeing the growth in my business. Thank you Alex!