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My Story

From poverty to being a self made entrepreneur now living and working remotely in the Caribbean at 34 years old, I am entrepreneur and a fighter for truth above all else. My name is Alex Broches and I have been through hell and back not once but multiple times to come out on top. At 9 years old, my life was turned upside down when watching the nightly news seeing my father in handcuffs for a violent crime.  My father ended up doing 10 years in prison leaving me distraught beyond words. What ensued for many years of my youth was poverty (lived in different motels as a kid) and dealing with severe health issues such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, Lyme disease, high blood pressure and obesity. I fought through and survived throughout my youth with an entrepreneurial spirit by mowing lawns as a teen to help my single mother who raised 3 boys all on her own.  That spirit led me to several other businesses in my early 20s. A few internet startups that had temporary success that was featured on MTV and other large media networks including NBC, Fox Chicago & WGN9.  Another internet startup that has several million unique visitors in it’s first few weeks. That particular Facebook page had 180,000+ Facebook fans in 2 years with several million YouTube views as well. Later on, I did marketing management and was able to do the website for Chicago Blackhawks Rocky Wirtz & Colorado Avalanche owner Stan Kroenke. Even though I was good at marketing I learned, I realized I wasn’t truly enjoying what I was doing.  Ultimately, I didn’t learn how to monetize these fast growing sites and marketing projects. Which led me to another business that came from totally left field; junk removal. (Yes, you read that right.)   

Working 60-70 hours a week for 10 years straight, I had tunnel vision while building this business.  Everyday for 10 years, I would go in my small pickup truck to pickup junk with my employees to remove junk from people’s homes across Illinois. After working 9-10 hours hard labor, I spent another couple hours sending emails to realtors in the areas, going to networking events and always connecting with new people to help grow my business. I loved it. Something so simple, something “dirty”, but something fun. I loved this junk removal business and this business brought me the most success. With this income, it led to several risky investments in the crypto space which propelled me to the next level. I now am hands off the business and run the business remotely from the Caribbean working on the beach daily. I swim in the ocean, take emails and calls when needed, then go for a nice long walk along the beach. I finally escaped the matrix.

“A Dark Path To Light” is my memoir that describes my life and how I was able to turn it all around. My book was endorsed by two best selling authors. (Steve Scott & James Altucher). Feel free to read it here.

I now run my businesses on auto-pilot. After years of hard physical labor work, literally covered in mud, cobwebs and even nastier things on a daily basis driving around 7-8 hours a day, I am now able to work smart and delegate.  I now coach this very type of system to my callers.  The calls consist of small business creation, how to run a service business remotely, and also content mixed in the calls are discussions of the “red pill”.  The “red pill” on how modern society really works, male and female nature discussions, and navigating around our new modern society that’s in decay.  I encompass this all in my calls to help you live the way YOU want to live.

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