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MONEY, MODERN SOCIETY & Pattern recognition.

Modern society has fallen into the abyss and it’s all being done on purpose.

Don’t get caught. Let’s talk.

From poverty to being a self-made entrepreneur now living in the Caribbean.

34-year-old entrepreneur Alex Broches has been through hell and back not once but multiple times to come out on top. Chronic health issues, a father arrested for a violent crime during Alex’s youth and many other hardships since 9 years old. Like steel, the harder Alex kept getting hit, the stronger Alex became over the years. Alex will teach you how I was able to get out of these hardships.

Alex now runs his business on auto-pilot from his favorite beaches across the Caribbean. After years of hard physical labor work, Alex was able to learn to work smart now. From 60-70 hours a week, to 1-2 hours a day managing service businesses in the USA. Not only do I coach people on how to run businesses remotely from another country, Alex mixes the calls with “red pill” content discussing the modern world and how to navigate it safely.   Alex now coaches this very type of system to his callers. 

Alex encompasses this all in his calls to help you get where you need to be in life.

The calls consist of small business creation, how to run a business remotely and also content mixed in relating to the “red pill”. 

I fuse in the topic of the “red pill” to teach my callers on how the world really works, we also can discuss male and female nature dynamics, and how to navigate around modern society which is now in decay in the western world.  I encompass this all in my calls to help you “escape the matrix”.

Alex also went on to write a memoir “A Dark Path To Light” which was endorsed by two best-selling authors.

“Alex has been through hell and back. His story is an inspiration to me on not only survival but how to thrive in the middle of darkness” – James Altucher – CNBC Finance Host & Best Selling Author

 Alex has been featured in front of millions such as on MTV documentaries, nbc, Wgn and Fox.